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This page is a living tribute to our club members who have been inducted into our Wall of Fame. ; This honor is not taken lightly by the Wall of Fame committee. Careful consideration of each member takes into account numerous qualifications. This award may not be given every year.  2011 is the first year this award has been given out. Four members were recognized that year as achieving the qualifications necessary to be honored in our Wall of Fame.

Listed by date inducted

Jerry Barrilleaux – (inducted Jan 18, 2014)

Larry Wright – (inducted Jan 19, 2013) - Joined SAM-112 in 1979, and has held continuous membership since. Zappo served as our club president both in 1983 and again in 1993. Zappo has served on the Board in several other capacities over the years. He has co-produced major magic shows for SAM-112 in the 80’s and early 90’s at the Walnut Creek Regional Center for the Arts.  Those shows, produced for the community, featured some of the world’s most famous magicians.  Over the years Zappo has won more of our contests than any other member.  Zappo continues to further the art and awareness of magic by performing on a regular basis at the California Magic Dinner Theater and for numerous other private and public events each year.

Roy Porfido – (inducted Jan 19, 2013) - Past President of our Assembly in 1992, Roy was also our newsletter editor for 1991-1993. Roy has served in a variety of capacities and is one of the people always willing to get the job done.  Roy has been a member of S.A.M. National for more than 50 years!  He was a co-founder of our SYM Assembly.  Roy took over producing our Share the Magic Show from Leroy Goodenough.  That is a fund raiser benefitting our Assembly and the Pleasant Hill Park and Recreation Department.  Roy is a full time kids' magician, teaches magic and runs a summer magic camp.  He has actively recruited new members for our Assembly for years.

Jimmie Monsoor – (inducted Jan 21, 2012) – Jimmie was our seventh president in 1981 as well as our twentieth president in 1994. He did a good job as president and contributed to the club in other ways–especially in any learning workships we ever had while he was a member. Being editor of The Conjurer for six years (from 1994 through 1999) was another big contribution. Teaching Don Heynen all about the desktop publishing program when Don took over as editor was another contribution. He was also the first photographer for The Conjurer and performed that duty till he moved to Reno. And as with most of Jimmie's other contributions, he did not wait to be asked to help out as photographer; he just stepped up started doing the job because he knew the job was important to the assembly.

Don Heynen – (inducted Jan 21, 2012) – Don was editor ;of one of our earliest newsletters, The Devil's Barb, from April 1980 through May 1980. It was around that time that he bacame the assembly's official historian. He has also been the assembly's scribe (the one who submits our reports to MUM) off and on since then except mainly for the years that Bob Steiner served in that capacity. He has submitted all our assembly reports to MUM since 1995 (starting in 2003 when he moved to Sparks, he has been ably assisted in that effort by our various secretaries). Before he moved, he also helped out with our various shows for a few years. And, of course, he has been editor of The Conjurer since 2000.

Loren Lind – (inducted Jan 15, 2011) – Loren was one of the charter members and was our third, fourth, and fifth president (and again in 1988 and 2006). When he first took over as president, the assembly was in danger of falling apart because of all the acrimonious squabbling at meetings; he saved the assembly by being the first to have the equivalent of board meetings so that the meetings would be about performing and fellowship and not about bickering about assembly business. A later president made the board meetings official. Loren also arranged for us to meet at a local bank board room, which was just the right size for the small assembly we were at the time. And he has always been a big recruiter of new members. Loren was also National President from the summer of 1997 till the summer of 1998. ; Loren also heads up our local young magicians group that has been named after him, The Loren Lind Assembly No. 112 Society of Young Magicians. His purpose is to teach magic as an art form to young people and to increase the Young Member's proficiency in the Art of Magic Theatre.

Leroy Goodenough -(inducted Jan 15, 2011) – Leroy was the second president for S.A.M. 112 and although he is not listed as an original charter member of the assembly, he was among that group. He just happened to be absent from the one meeting that took place on the night that the charter was signed. He was also our president in 1990 and again in 1996. He started the annual Share the Magic Pleasant Hill show, and it was originally an official assembly function (jointly with the Pleasant Hill Recreation Department), and it was our main money maker for a few years. He also makes the Wizard trophies. When he moved out of the area, he was our first (and for many years our only) honorary member because the board at the time thought he had been an outstanding contributor to the assembly. And, even though he lives many miles away, he usually makes it to the awards banquet and has even participated in a few of our shows since that move.

Bob Steiner – (inducted Jan 15, 2011) – Our eighth president was Bob Steiner, who also put out the newsletter (when it was called The Devil's Barb) for a year or so. He became an active member as soon as he joined the assembly. For many years Bob was our scribe, the one who sends in the M-U-M reports. Also, he has for many years been a big recruiter for new members. He has brought people to the meetings as guests, and some of those people have in turn become big contributing members of the assembly. Bob was also National President from the summer of 1988 till the summer of 1989. Before and after his national presidency, Bob has been very active in the national organization, often as head of a committee.

Stan Riddle – (inducted Jan 15, 2011) – Stan was the one who founded this assembly and was one of the charter members and was the first President. He got things started almost a year before we became an assembly. Being a friend of Gene Anderson, he also got Gene to give us a lecture. Without Stan, there would be no assembly.

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