Ragu-Nathan-150x150Ragu Nathan – 1945 – Dec, 25 2008

Ragu Nathan was born in Chennai, India, in 1945. He completed both his BS and MS in Electrical Engineering in India before joining Tata Consultants, a multinational IT company that serviced other industrial customers around the world. He worked for a short time in the Middle East for Tata before migrating to the United States.

His passions were his family, the game of bridge, and magic (card tricks and mentalism). He was a gentle, compassionate man and a true magician at heart. He became a part of the Bay Area magic scene in 1993 and was an active participant in all the club events. Ragu was a spirited performer at nearly every club meeting he would attend. Knowledgeable in magic, he shared it freely with the magic community. He inspired and motivated all who came in touch with him to practice and perform magic.

Many members of Assembly #112 commented on how likable Ragu was a person and as a performer. He entertained his friends and co-workers routinely with magic shows on special occasions and office parties.

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