LorenLind-130x150Loren Lind – (inducted Jan 15, 2011) – Loren was one of the charter members and was our third, fourth, and fifth president (and again in 1988 and 2006). When he first took over as president, the assembly was in danger of falling apart because of all the acrimonious squabbling at meetings; he saved the assembly by being the first to have the equivalent of board meetings so that the meetings would be about performing and fellowship and not about bickering about assembly business. A later president made the board meetings official. Loren also arranged for us to meet at a local bank board room, which was just the right size for the small assembly we were at the time. And he has always been a big recruiter of new members. Loren was also National President from the summer of 1997 till the summer of 1998. ; Loren also heads up our local young magicians group that has been named after him, The Loren Lind Assembly No. 112 Society of Young Magicians. His purpose is to teach magic as an art form to young people and to increase the Young Member's proficiency in the Art of Magic Theatre.

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