Our Goals

The following are the Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives statements developed by the Long Range Planning Committee which were approved at the National Council Meeting in November, 2009:


The purpose of this Society shall be to advance, elevate, and preserve magic as a performing art, to promote harmonious fellowship throughout the world of magic and to maintain and improve ethical standards in the field of magic.


It is the mission of The Society of American Magicians to promote an environment for the worldwide magic community that fosters fellowship, preservation of the magical arts, ethical standards, education, and personal growth.

GOAL 1: Improve the program of services for all of our members

(a) Objective: Expand and improve the information provided to and communication with our members
(b) Objective: Improve the fellowship within the Society and create a sense of pride in belonging to the S.A.M.
(c) Objective: Improve the structure of the Society
(d) Objective: Expand and improve the Services provided to members
(e) Objective: Expand and improve the educational and learning opportunities provided to members

GOAL 2: Provide opportunities, to those interested, to learn magic and about magic

(a) Objective: Develop a program for teaching non members to learn magic
(b) Objective: Provide specific news releases that target the media to educate the public about magic

GOAL 3: Provide prudent fiscal leadership for the Society

(a) Objective: Generate more income for the Society
(b) Objective: Investigate ways to reduce the expenditures of the Society

GOAL 4: Establish policy and standards of ethics

(a) Objective: Establish an ethics statement for all members
(b) Objective: Partner with all magic organizations

GOAL 5: Preserve and honor the history of magic and magicians

(a) Objective: Establish a “family tree” of the S.A.M. and then broaden to all magic
(b) Objective: Develop a strategic data base of magic.